The year was 2002, the time was right for two young lads from the north west of England, living in the south east, to begin a musical journey influenced by the greatest band to of ever graced the earth. To take Beatlemania in a different direction and give it back to the public. Neil and Lee formed and became THE ACOUSTIC BEATLES. A duo on the local music scene playing nothing but hit after hit written and recorded by the fab four, playing every song with just an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar, with two vocals. No backing tracks at all, just a complete live sound.

For the next 18 months Neil and Lee built themselves a small but keen following that regularly would go to gigs across the southeast of Kent. Word was starting to spread about these two guys.

Another local musician, Jason, who had been playing with various different bands and duos was invited to a local gig to watch, listen, and give his opinion on what he heard from the two likeable lads. 'They're good, but they could be better' was the answer that was given.

Lee was soon to be given a great opportunity to move to America to concentrate on his song writing, which he could not turn down, leaving Neil unfortunatly without a partner. That is until by chance, a meeting between Neils father and Jason in a local pub, then a quick chat and exchange of phone numbers between Neil and Jason and the empty stool was firmly filled. Around a month later, after a lot of rehearsing, some new material, a change in stage wear, and in instruments, the new look duo played there 1st gig to a packed house at a venue called The Chambers. A great success with the elated crowd wanting more, and two excited lads willing to give them what they wanted, MORE! Gigs came thick and fast, and the reaction was the same every time. A crowd left wanting more.

Discussing a gig on December 31st 2003, the question was asked about the possibilty of using a live druumer, something that they had never done before. Jason liked the idea and made a phone call to a very experienced drummer he had known for over 20 years. The decision was made and Chris was to play the very next day, January 1st 2004 at the Folkestone Railway Club. Neil met Chris for the 1st time that day and was impressed with Chris's vocals as well as his drumming. It wasnt long before Chris was asked to join and become a regular in the line-up. The next step had been taken. It stayed this way for a year, playing as a duo, purely acousticly or as a 3-piece with drums and electric guitars, and 3 vocals.

The success kept coming with various sellout gigs in theatres, packed crowds in holiday parks, hotels, clubs and pubs. The acoustic beatles kept growing and so did the following. With a variety of agents wanting them, offering bigger venues for a bigger and better show only one thing was missing, the 4th member. This little problem was solved quickly and easily. A friend of the band, a guy who had followed the duo for a couple of years, and helped carrying the gear. His enthusiasum glowed and his willingness to learn was great, and although nervous, Lewis joined and became the 4th member playing the part of George.

With the band growing and doing alot more venues together it became clear the name had to be changed. So with mutual agreement, a wave of magic dust, and a few drinks with a burger the acoustic beatles became THE ELECTRIC BEATLES. Continuing the constant gigging, and touring, the band keep growing, getting better all the time, keeping it real, keeping it live, and wowing audiences everywhere they go.

In July 2011 Neil played his final gig with the eb's and moved on to other things. In his place came James. A young and talented musician who has fitted straight in with the band. And with James, the eb's continue to sucessfully perform to packed venues.

2012 saw another member of the original line-up leave. Lewis had decided that after 7 years it was time to move on. Chris, Jason, and newcomer James had now got the task of finding a new 'George'. However, this happened very quickly with a friend joining on a part-time basis before joining full-time. Alan, a strong vocalist and guitarist with many years of experience and years of constant touring all across Europe.